The Area 4 Rotary Clubs have been working together for the last 30 months to do good locally and internationally.  The president line (Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Presidents-Nominee and Past Presidents) have been meeting on a monthly basis ever since AG Bob Murray took over Area 4 as AG in January 2015.  It requires a real commitment to meet on a monthly basis and builds a real sense of camaraderie. The President-Line is committed to make their club a better experience for its members hence they make the monthly meetings a priority.  They meet on the third Wednesday at 4:30pm and rotate the meeting place.  Each of the Presidents or Presidents-Elect host the monthly meeting.  The meeting place is up to the host.  They meet at restaurants, community centers and Rotarian homes. 
All of the meetings have lite snacks, beer, wine, soda and water.  Each of the attendees pitches in $5 to help cover the costs.  Presidents are encouraged to attend the other Area 4 Club meetings at least quarterly and to share their plans with the other presidents thereby visiting in groups.
The monthly meetings serve as a forum to discuss issues, upcoming events, accomplishments and to plan group events/efforts.  The Rotary monthly themes are discussed and plans made to incorporate the theme into the club's meetings / activities.  In the past six months the Area 4 clubs have had several group events.  The first Area 4 event for this year, held in July, was The Leadership Celebration where each club discussed their accomplishments and their goals for the year.  Another group event was the District Governor's Visit held in October.  The Area 4 Clubs have supported the USA Mexico Conference as a group for the past two years donating over $2,000 each year.  The most recent Presidents meeting was held at the home of Amanda Sanchez where each of the Presidents brought toys from their clubs to give to Eve's Place, over 50 toys were delivered. 
Each of the Presidents have been asked to provide a list of accomplishments for the past Six months.  You can view each of the club's accomplishments by clicking on the club's name: Sun CitySun City Del SolSun City WestSurprise and Wickenburg.