As co-chair of the Mexico USA Friendship Conference, the most common question I get from Rotarians is – “How can we get involved in the conference?
There are so many ways to participate and get your club members excited about doing international service –
  • Bring a club project – you’ll be able to promote it amongst the conference participants and find an international partner
  • Bring a cash commitment – your club can look for a project to collaborate on and become an international partner
  • Be a sponsor – table sponsors, wine sponsors, and more allow clubs and businesses to promote their other activities
  • Host a Rotarian from Mexico – this is where Rotary friendships really blossom
The main focus of the friendship conference is to fund global grant projects.  This is the best place for you club to work towards leveraging the power of the Rotary Foundation to help bring major funding for your community project.  Plus, the district grants team and experts from the Rotary Foundation will be on hand to guide your club in the process.  You can register at
If your club doesn’t have a project to promote, but wants to get involved with the Rotary Foundation and international service, this is the ideal way to take any amount of money – clubs often shop for projects with as little as $500 -  and get involved in making an impact.  We’ll work together through the funding process and it is normal to have various clubs participate in a single project.  This can really ignite your membership. You can register at
Sponsorship availabilities for clubs and businesses include beverage and meal sponsorships, table sponsorships, program sponsors and others.  Call me if your club would like to take advantage of this special opportunity.  You can register at
Finally, one of the most rewarding ways for members to get involved is to host a Rotarian or two from Mexico for the brief period they are here.  We encourage hosts to register and participate in the conference if they are able, but it isn’t a requirement.  And you don’t have to speak Spanish.  The commitment is to provide lodging for 4 nights, a couple of breakfasts and some minimal driving.  We leave some down time during the conference so hosts have an opportunity to get to know their guests. It is called the Friendship conference, after all.
Please contact me with any questions and I highly recommend your club get involved in this unique Rotary International event.
Kevin Pitts, Co-Chair
USA-Mexico Friendship Conference
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928-460-5511 Direct
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