Posted by Max Rumbaugh
When the Rotary Club of Scottsdale visited the Scottsdale water treatment plant last spring, members heard that their recycled water was soon to be acceptable as potable water.  It is now official.  Drinks made from Scottsdale's recycled water are now being produced.  They will be introduced at the Scottsdale's Canal Convergence ( on November 7th and 8th at Scottsdale’s waterfront between Fashion Square Mall and Old Town Scottsdale.
Scottsdale Water has became Arizona's first, and one of only three places in the USA, where the waste water processing facility is permitted to treat recycled water for potable water uses. Potable means: drinking water.
At this time, ten beer brewing companies are producing beer from the Scottsdale treated water.  It is their beer that will be made public on November 7 & 8. 
But producing beer is only the beginning.  Water that is safe to drink is becoming scarcer in the world. Increasing use of safe water is stressing freshwater resources worldwide, and a seemingly endless list of contaminants can turn once potable water into a health hazard or simply make it unacceptable aesthetically.
More than 2 billion people lack potable water at home.   Unsafe drinking water is a major cause of diarrheal disease, and Rotary International has determined that consuming unsafe drinking water can cause people who regularly eat a nourishing diet to be starving themselves.
Some places in the world do not have the water resources to gain the advantages from conserving water as an adequate solution.   Other places are not located where desalination of sea water can be a viable option.  But everywhere that people live, there is waste or polluted water.
Scottsdale has taken a lead in pushing recycled water processing technology.   This deserves a toast with beer from recycled water.  “Bottoms Up!”