Vocational service in a Rotarian’s life allows for the Rotarian to hold high their chosen vocation; to proudly represent themselves with their high level of ethical standards and to share their knowledge with others who can benefit.

The broad goal for this year’s Vocational Service Committee is to create greater awareness of the value of vocational service and to encourage individuals and their clubs to utilize their vocations as an opportunity to serve others.




Please watch for our communications and ideas of ways that you can put Rotary to work where you work. Also, please see in the Rotarian magazine the page that is in every issue, always near the front (in the October issue it is on page 8), which provides ALL Rotarians and others who may read it, The Object of Rotary, The 4-Way Test and the Rotarian Code of Conduct. These are the tools of vocational service and they are included in every issue because they are the heart of what Rotary stands for and makes it unique in the world.

We have identified 15 Club Vocational Chairs so far and expect a number of clubs to fill that important role. If you are interested, please let your club president know.  

Your Vocational Service Committee looks forward to partnering with you and your club this year. We wish you all the best in your service to others through your vocation, your club and by you “Making A Difference.”

Yours in Vocational Service,

Dan W. Messersmith,
District Vocational Chair