YOUR VOICE CAN BE HEARD at Rotary International, YOU, can make a difference!
Do you have concerns about how things operate at Rotary International?
Then you may submit a Resolution to Rotary International.  What is a resolution?
The Council on Resolutions meets online every year to vote on proposed resolutions. Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents. Ideally, a resolution should affect the Rotary world, rather than address local or administrative issues.
Representatives from all Rotary districts vote on resolutions proposed by clubs, districts, the RI Board, and the general council or conference of RIBI. Adopted resolutions are then considered by the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees.
Your Rotary Council on Legislation representatives, Don Schiller, Representative or alternate John Pennypacker will carry your message for discussion with the over 500 Rotarians from around the world representing every Rotary District make up the Council On Legislation. Every three years the COL as the legislative body of RI discusses and approves or dis-approves changes submitted by Rotarians from all Districts.
Please review the information below. Contact Don or John for further information regarding how you can help to create a Resolution. We will be glad to take you through the process and help develop your resolution for submission.
To meet Rotary International’s deadline of June 30th, we as that you have your resolutions completed and sent to us no later than April 30, 2018  All resolutions must be approved by DG Nancy Van Pelt.
Please help us out and get your proposals to Don as quickly as possible. (Don’s email is:  The resolutions our district submits will be reviewed and voted on by the Council on Legislations committee during 2018. Don & John are your representatives on that committee.  
Please contact Don or John with any questions or if you need additional information. We will be pleased to respond to any inquiries.  Yes, your voice can and will be heard.
Council on Legislation - COL
  • COL meets every 3 years at RI headquarters
Next meeting April 2019
  • Purpose – The COL is the legislative body of RI, which has the authority to amend the RI Constitution documents
  • Why is this important to you? The COL can effect changes to membership, dues and support to programs of RI
  • How are changes to RI Constitution and By-laws made?
Resolution - The Council on Resolutions has the authority to adopt resolutions. Most adopted resolutions are then considered by the RI Board or the TRF Trustees.
Council on Resolutions – COR – to meet annually thru electronic communications
Example: Resolution to change the Interact Club Constitution so that membership in Interact terminates at the time of graduation and not upon reaching the age of 18
ADOPTED RESOLUTION 16-132 To request the RI Board to consider revising the membership age limits for Interact WHEREAS, each country has a different age for the first year of school, from five to seven and older, which leads to students graduating from high school at different ages, from 17 to 19, meaning that at the age of 18, Interact club members from both school based and community-based clubs have either graduated or are still students, and WHEREAS, as a result, in Article IV, section 5 of the Standard Interact Club Constitution, there is discrimination against Interact club members in different types of clubs in terms of membership termination, which leads to inequity, frustration and Interact club administration problems IT IS RESOLVED by Rotary International that the Board of Directors of Rotary International consider amending Article IV, section 5 of the Standard Interact Club Constitution so that membership termination in both school and community-based clubs (in connection with several schools) occurs at the time of graduation and not upon reaching the age of 18. In this way, in the final year of high school, a student can still be an Interact member and handle an officer position at the club or district level, even if he or she is already 18. In Article IV, section 5 of the Standard Interact Club Constitution (page 21 of the Interact Handbook)
Please send your resolutions to Don Schiller or John Pennypacker no later than April 30, 2018 to meet RI’s  deadline.
CONTACT Don or John for assistance or further information regarding the Council on Legislation.