Kevin Pitts
District Governor 2023-2024


Kevin Pitts is the District 5495 Governor for 2023-2024.

Kevin Pitts joined the Rotary Club of Prescott in 2004 and has been an active member since, both at the club and district levels. His experience living in Mexico City over 12 years gives him ties to that country and he has followed that passion, serving as international service chair for his club and as the co-chair of the Mexico USA Friendship Conference and Global Grants Exchange.

Kevin and Elizabeth are Rotary Foundation major donors and benefactors. His passion for the Rotary Foundation is focused mostly on global grants and he has participated in numerous projects, often as a technical advisor with his club serving as the international sponsor club. Kevin believes in active participation in grant projects and has visited various project sites in Mexico and Kenya.

He also has an interest and background in teaching and served as district Rotary Leadership Institute coordinator, as well as a PETS facilitator. Working with Interactors and Rotaractors, he was part of the Crutches 4 Africa team that coordinated mobility device distributions with the Rotary Club of Naivasha in 2018.

Kevin is Chief Investment Officer and partner at EverVest Financial and in his spare time can be found in the wild, fishing and hunting, often with his three sons.