Facilitator Work Shop
“The facilitator plays an important role when conducting any form of workshop: they help pave the way for discussion in a group; they provide guidance and context to the audience; and they provide direction.”
Past RI Vice President and Director Greg Podd lead
a specialized training session on facilitation techniques for all our District facilitators on January 12, 2019.
Responses from Participants:
  • Greg did a fantastic job. Very knowledgeable with real life experience. Good group of participants willing to share best practices. I like the interaction.
  • Thanks for allowing me to participate. It was a very good use of time and I learned a lot.
  • Only there for the morning, but I thought it was outstanding. THANKS!
  • Great program. Well laid out and a refresher we could all use. Plus networking opportunity with fellow
  • I thought it was worth our time to be there. In addition, it gave great insight to the range of experience between the attendees - which is helpful for recruiting future facilitators. Rotary facilitators always a great thing.
  • I appreciated the input from Greg Podd, and the interaction of others. I also appreciated the feedback when I gave my facilitator example in the breakout session. I learned some valuable tips. I highly recommend this to all Rotarians.
  • Thank you for providing an excellent program. Time well spent!
  • Excellent choice to have PRIVP Greg Podd reprise his workshop for us. Top notch.
2019-2020 Session has not been scheduled. Please check back!