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CLUB CLINIC: Embracing change
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways that many of us experience Rotary. But every challenge also opens opportunities. Clubs are discovering that meeting online gives them more flexibility to adjust meeting times when that’s better for members. For some clubs, attendance has increased, and members say they can now participate more and contribute more to their clubs’ work. Clubs are also less constrained by geographic distance in pursuing members, inviting inspiring speakers, or partnering with others on service efforts. Discover some of the innovative ways clubs are adapting on Rotary Voices.
Improve your online meeting skills

Even if you’re already an expert at virtual meetings, look at the Meeting Online learning topic in the Learning Center. Meeting Online has everything you need to run a meeting smoothly and even some tools to help you master the advanced features of virtual meeting platforms. Rotary staff and members frequently add resources that cover topics like keeping members engaged virtually and training officers online. The Meeting Online topic is available in nine languages. Sign in to My Rotary and then go to Meeting Online.

Using grants to respond to the pandemic

With The Rotary Foundation, you have several options you can use to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and care for people in your community and around the world. Your district can use district grant funds to support local activities. And any new global grant that addresses COVID-19 doesn’t have to meet the Foundation’s usual requirement that 30 percent of the funding come from foreign sources.

New flexibility in the Rotary Citation

Starting in July, Rotary club leaders can choose the goals they want to apply toward the 2020-21 Rotary Citation. Of the 25 possible goals, select 13 or more that you think are the most relevant and achievable. You’ll be able to report many of your accomplishments simply by marking the goals “Achieved” in Rotary Club Central. Download the 2020-21 Citation Goals and Instructions to learn more.

Share your story on Rotary Showcase

Since Rotary Showcase was created in 2015, thousands of clubs have used it to demonstrate how they’re making a difference. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more clubs than ever have been posting their stories, with more than 1,000 projects related to COVID-19 added since March. Be inspired, connect with others, and add your own project at Rotary Showcase.