Teri Alexon is the Investor Education Coordinator for the AZ Corporation Commission’s Securities Division. A graduate of ASU she holds a Bachelor’s in Business Adm. & Communication. Since joining the Commission in August of 2002, she has been actively making statewide presentations on the risks and rewards of investing. In her presentation, she will not be able to tell you WHERE to put your money, only how to avoid the worst risk of all—investment fraud. Thus, her topic for her first time Zoom presentation was “How to Avoid Investment Fraud.” She is also part of a global organization, NASANorth American Securities Association which includes Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and DC. 
Teri indicated that there is lots of fraud in AZ due to our high percentage of retirees who are viewed has having money; however, anyone is a target - it is not a matter of “if” you will be targeted, it’s “when.” She talked about fraud in the real estate market.
An informed investor is the best protection against securities fraud. Scammers prey on those who don’t ask questions and take the time to understand the important details of a particular investment. A legitimate investor will allow you to ask questions and will not pressure you to “do it today.” 
To reduce the possibility of falling victim to an investment scam, make sure you get clear and accurate written information before you buy. Most importantly, ask and check on the investment promoter's background--make sure that person is licensed to offer and sell investments in Arizona and does not have a disciplinary history with regulators. Her mottos are “If you SEE something, SAY something” and “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Remember, a legitimate company will have audited financials and you won’t feel pressure to make a decision today - a legitimate person wants you to do due diligence. Contact the Corporation Commission to check it out. “They are just a call or a click away,” she says. Remember also that scammers are geared to what they think they can get away with. 
Our thanks to Teri for a most informative