Posted by District 5495 Governor Line

Dear Rotarians,

We hope you had a safe and solemn Memorial Day weekend remembering those who sacrificed to preserve our way of life.  Our thoughts are with them and their loved ones.

As we move past Memorial Day and businesses are beginning to carefully re-open within strict parameters, we wanted to address the issue of when and how Rotary clubs (i.e. terra clubs) should consider re-convening their in-person meetings.

  • Remember that businesses are re-opening because of the financial imperative for business owners and employees to generate an income.  The decision to reconvene as a Rotary club has very different implications.
  • Many are anxious to re-open Rotary….to re-start our wonderful in-person fellowship.
  • Others are legitimately concerned about their own susceptibility to coronavirus or about the risk of inadvertently exposing loved ones or others whose health profile makes them vulnerable.

So when is the right time to re-open your club to in-person meetings?  And how might the club alter operations to respect the concerns of all members while protecting the health and safety of Rotarians and venue staff?  

Recently a Rotary task force from the western 1/3 of the US (including a representative from the District 5495 Governor Line) prepared guidance about re-opening Rotary clubs.  Ultimately each club will make its own decision based on its unique circumstances, but each club should give serious and respectful evaluation to the considerations and process for re-opening as outlined in the attached piece.

Thank you for all you have done to support our communities at this difficult time.

With warm regards,

DG David Simmer

DGE Elizabeth Mahoney

DGN Bret McKeand

DGD Larry Horton


Please read the following article for Zone 26 & 27 guidelines for restarting meetings!